MO Kettle Corn is a family business operating out of St.
Charles, MO.  We are available for all of your popping needs,
no venue too large.
For the Best "Sweet and Salty Sensation"
Please contact
Tina or Doug Jones
(636-634-6312) or (636-219-1949)
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Fully licensed and insured.
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4,630 bags Kettle Corn
May 28, 2011
Innsbrook 40th
Community Party
3,000 bags of Kettle
June 22, 2011
Employee Event
2,400 boxes of
September 21, 2011
Employee Event
3,600 bags of Kettle
April 23, 2012
Employee Event
1,200 bags of Kettle
August 23, 2013
Employee Event
4,000 bags of Kettle
You don’t know me, but I just wanted to drop
you a line to tell you a story.  I went to the Pet-A-
Palooza event at Purina farms back in July (I
think it was with Y98?) and picked up a bag of
your kettle corn.  I didn’t open it initially and I
took it home and put it on top of my
refrigerator.  Honestly, I kind of forgot about it.

This past Friday evening (9/13) my wife and I
rented a movie.  I wanted some popcorn, but
didn’t have any microwave bags.  I saw the bag
I bought from you and thought to myself, “this
has got to be stale!”  It had been about 2
months since I bought it and there was NO WAY
it was going to be good.  But I still craved the
stuff, so I decided to open it…

To my delightful surprise, it was AMAZING!!  I
couldn’t stop eating it!  I ate the whole bag
(probably wasn’t good for me, but I couldn’t
stop!) within the 2 hour movie that we watched!  
I couldn’t believe how fresh it still tasted, the
perfect combination of sweet with a hint of salt,
the wonderful crunch without any staleness, it
was all perfect!

Anyways, I thought that I would let you know
that you provide a premium product, and I’d love
to see you out at all the events I go to!  Keep up
the awesome work!

True fan
What do our customers say?

(Three thousand Employee Family Day)

"While I was not at Family Day, I heard your kettle corn was
another smashing success!
Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions for
next year.
It’s been a pleasure to work with you as always."
"Would you be willing to set
up a booth again to sell
kettle corn? Let us know!
" My company had you last week for
a employee day. Everyone liked your
Kettle corn.
Can you pop at my wedding next
month ?"
"I drove sixty miles  to get another
bag of your Kettle Corn
No one makes as good a kettle corn as
you do."
"I have been waiting a year for you
to come back here. You are the
only reason I am here today"
"Is it okay if I video tape you
so I can have my son learn how to
go into a successful kettle corn business"
" My dog and I share a bag each week while we
watch football. My dog loves your kettle corn he
is picky eater"
"Our company runs a survey after each picnic
of what they liked the most and you had the
most positive comments asking for you to be
back next year."
"You are always the easiest vendor
to work with."
"My husband  was deployed a few weeks
ago and he loved eating your kettle corn
yesterday in Afghanistan.
Can you make ten bags for me so he can
have some for others in his unit and I will
send them off today."